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How to subscribe to The Review of Economic Theory

1. What does a subscription provide?

  1. Campus-wide access. All registered users at a subscribing institution (as defined by IP range) can access The Review of Economic Theory.
  2. Right to print unlimited copies of all issues. Subscribing libraries have total freedom to print as many copies as they like in whatever format they prefer.
  3. Permanent access to electronic files. The electronic files that make up The Review of Economic Theory are owned by subscribers, who are encouraged to archive them on-site, with the only restriction that only registered users can access them.
  4. Hard-copy archived at ELSSS HQs. To relieve the pressure on libraries' shelf space, ELSSS provides a free hard-copy archiving service, by storing hard-copy issues of The Review of Economic Theory.
  5. IMPORTANT: subscriptions are levied only on the hard-copy version of The Review of Economic Theory. All other functionalities and services (archiving, provision of online access, etc.) are provided free. Notice that online content cannot be purchased separately.

2. Who can access The Review of Economic Theory for free?

Of the 208 countries listed by the World Bank, only 36 high-income countries are required to pay for subscriptions to The Review of Economic Theory. Non-commercial institutions (e.g. Universities, research centers, etc.) located in all other countries are granted full and completely free access to the full text of The Review of Economic Theory.

3. What are the subscriptions rates to The Review of Economic Theory for 2004?

Subscribers can choose to pay their subscriptions either in US dollars, pound sterling, or Euros. The subscription rates depend for 2004 depend on the nature of the subscribing institution as follows:
  1. for-profit organizations: US$700 (or £0 or Euro 700);
  2. PhD-granting institutions and non-profit research centers: US$350 (or £5 or Euro 350)
  3. non-PhD-granting institutions: US$200 (or £0 or Euro 200)
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4. Details for bank transfers, etc.

For any queries about subscriptions, please contact us.

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